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"Interior design is the art of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces, that are aesthetically pleasing"

At Type Alpha we pride ourselves on quality and reliability; our mission is to turn your vision into reality. 

I'm Scott Heller and I'm the all-around handyman.  My partner Jackie is the designer.  As we say "Jackie picks it, and I sticks it".  We have designed and worked hand in hand with clients who wanted a beautiful quality kitchen without having to break the bank.  When remodeling our own kitchens we noticed the astronomical prices for kitchen cabinets.  If you really think about it, a kitchen is a series of boxes in a row.  Our kitchens are 100% plywood, soft close drawer sliders, and hinges, and come in just about every color.  So why does a series of wooden boxes with hinges/sliders cost so much? 

I'll tell you how I found out.  I worked with a cabinet maker at his shop and became friends with other cabinet makers.  I got to know the machinery, the tools necessary, and the labor needed to make it all happen.  And this is what I found.  It doesn't cost that much! Materials are relatively inexpensive and if the cabinet maker is organized they can pump out cabinets.  Now with today's technology, all humans have to do is load the wood and the machines do everything else which lowers the cost of cabinets tremendously.  



You're looking for the best quality at the lowest price.  You have two options.


Options 1) Ready-to-assemble cabinets.  These cabinets will come to your front door on a pallet and you'll have to put them together.  You'll need basic tools and some glue.  This is by far the most inexpensive way to get your brand-new kitchen.


Option 2) Assembled.  These are going to cost more because of the labor putting them together and they take up more space so shipping costs increase.

I'm a huge fan of option 1 because you can put them together yourself and save BIG or have any handyman/handywoman put them together and you'll still be saving a nice chunk.



1) Schedule a call

2) Send your measurements

3) We design your space in a 3d rendering

4) Once approved, you get your new kitchen sent to your front door

We will go over your individual design goals and ways to achieve them within your budget. 





"My bathroom was in major need of updating.  Scott and Jackie, at Type Alpha Realty, were referred to me by a friend and I couldn't be happier with the process and the end result.  The bathroom came out better than expected, on time and within budget".

Jeff Mintz

"What an incredible experience!  I was getting quotes for tens of thousands of dollars to renovate my kitchen.  I found Type Alpha Realty on Facebook and opted for the DIY kitchen.  Jackie designed the kitchen and the cabinets were shipped to my house within a week.  Not only was it beautiful quality, but it was also a fraction of the cost.  My handyman put them together and now I have the exact kitchen I wanted at an incredible price".

Gale Moss  



  1. Kitchen Renovations 

  2. 3D renderings of design/layout.

  3. Design consultation.

  4. Kitchen cabinets and vanity wholesalers ( We offer both assembled and ready-to-assemble options. Contact us for maple cabinet styles and to learn more).


Transparency is key. You will always know our fee and included services before we start. Design-time can include a wide range of design services such as interior design, ordering, and consulting.




Thanks for submitting!

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